Welcome to Shepherd Threads

Welcome to Shepherd Threads powered by Blue16 Media!

This site is a look at the Good Book and a look at some of the sermons, podcasts and content that capture the meaning. It is through this site we seek not to lean on our own understanding but on His and seek this site to uplift the kingdom and hopefully increase the understanding and knowledge of the Bible.

Just like pieces of thread often it’s when you join them together that’s when it really becomes something beautiful and powerful. That’s the aim for this site–blending together God’s threads in media (e.g.blogs, videos and podcasts) to get us closer to Him.

Similar to a site called “Genius” that is created to allow users to provide annotations and interpretation to song lyrics, news stories, sources, poetry and documents, we wanted to create this for the Bible through sermons, podcasts, books and more.

Come back and visit this site as we go through this lifelong journey and also feel free to submit your favorites and or reach out to us as we grow through Him.

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