Commitment – TD Jakes

August 18, 2022

Topic: Committment

Commitment from TD Jakes

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  • God has a way of giving everybody something
  • You cannot be a believer until you see your old life and the misery of it. Until you see it as misery you can’t change it
  • You can’t change something you worship
  • You have to hear the word – they don’t let it sink in their heart
  • Faith cometh by hearing
  • You can graff into your character things that don’t exist
  • Graffing takes time
  • You cannot have a relationship without reciprocity – you cannot come to a relationship to get and not give.
  • You have never been joined to anything. You’ve never had Levi
  • If you are not committed, you will never get the could be
  • So many people have never thrown their full self at anything
  • You never fully engaged
  • Some of the most talented people aren’t committed
  • Stop laying on your talent
  • They want the benefits but they don’t want the responsibility
  • You are not any further because you have not thrown your full self at anything
  • True quality doesn’t go on sale. The only thing that goes on sale is cheap stuff.
  • Greatness costs what it costs
  • You can’t get out of something that you are not willing to put in
  • 4 areas to be committed (1) God (2) Family (3) Your Church (4) ???
  • Any relationship that has no real reciprocity will die
  • If you don’t learn to live like you learn to give, the relationship will die
  • You don’t understand sacrifice because you are reaping where you have sowed
  • Tithing is the lowest level…Once you get to the level of sacrifice, God says be my partner.
  • God has given us all seed and now it’s time to sow

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