Depending on God in Depression | Pastor Josh Shaw

February 22, 2023

Topic: depression

Bible Passage: Psalm 42

God desires for us to run towards him with our depression, not shudder in shame because of it.” – Pastor Josh


Date: August 26, 2019

If you are dealing with any type of depression, please seek out the help of a


Shepherd Threads…

3 things to do to depend on God during Depression:

    1. V.1 – Remind yourself of what you truly need – “What I need right now is you God”
    2. V.3 & V.9-10 – Revoke the critics from your life –  Wherever there is depression there will be oppression.
    3. V.5 & V.11 – You need to retell yourself what is true and right even when you don’t believe it – “Put your hope in God” – You will want to tell yourself something that isn’t true.


  • 17 million people are classified with depression
  • 5% of people in the US are classified with seasonal depression
  • Women are twice as likely to be depressed
  • Only 20% of people seek professional help
  • Depression is real
  • Deep pants for water v.1 – “I’m so empty for you God”
  • A misconception about depression and anxiety is that you have it or you don’t
  • We don’t know as a Church or as a Culture what to do with the middle…the gray
  • The gray is this in-between or dissonance (e.g. Seasonal Depression)
  • The author talks about physical depression or physiological depression
  • You need tools and the next steps to deal with depression
  • People that have depression have triggers and often they try to find things to remedy their triggers – “if we get this one thing fixed, my life will be better”
  • Wherever there is depression there will be oppression. Sometimes it’s people that are close to us or even the inner critic.
  • Some people believe that Depression is sin
  • Jesus felt depressed and called out
  • People don’t say anything about depression because the people around them may not know how to deal with it.
  • You need more than prayer for depression. You need care. You need medical help
  • Every day repeat I am worthy of life. I was made in the image of my creator.
  • Things won’t be fixed but it will gradually get better


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