Faith Like A Farmer // Sow It Before You See It // Crazyer Faith (Part 6) // Michael Todd

September 2, 2022

Series: Crazyer Faith

Topic: faith, Sowing, tithing

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 9:6-10

We have a plan from God for our lives. But how can we start seeing it? Sow into it! If we want to see God’s vision for our lives come to pass, we must begin by giving to it before we even see any kind of change. Pastor Mike of Transformation Church shows us how things can change when we sow it before we see it.

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Shepherd Threads…

  • Looking at this verse outside of the box you were introduced into
  • Whoever means it’s a principle of the earth (believers and non-believers)
  • Whoever gets this principle…gets this promise… so get this please!
  • Whoever “sows” 
  • Many people in the church have been devoid of sowing.
  • My people are believing in a forest where they have never planted a seed.
  • This verse is talking about money but can be applied to anything (e.g. time, talent, treasure, connections, calling)
  • God: Why will I trust someone who won’t sow what I have already give them with more so they won’t sow that?
  • What gifts and talents have God give you that have become decrepit because you aren’t giving them away
  • The seed outside of the soil can’t grow
  • Jesus talks about sowing and reaping throughout the Bible
  • It’s the forest of your faith that starts out as a seed
  • You pray for what you think you want and God gives you the baby version of what you will see
  • Faith like a farmer – Sow it before you see it
  • Say it slow: Seed, time, harvest
  • Seed, sow, time, harvest
  • Sowing is implied…because everyone has seed
  • All you have is all you need
  • This principle works in every part of your life
  • The lowest level of learning is experience
  • When you hit a plateau, sow
  • Everybody rejoices over the harvest, but they don’t know the seed
  • What are you sowing today? 
  • Many of yall gonna hate the harvest because you’re not a farmer. Church people shout at harvest time. Farmers know it’s time to work.
  • Seed, sow, time, WORK, then harvest
  • I’m going to be a serial sower
  • Some of you are so broke that you only sow where you need
  • Consecutive sowing produces a consecutive harvest
  • You would have to eat so many seeds to get full
  • If you are going to sow something, sow something good because it’s going to come back
  • Become addicted to sowing because at the end of the day no one know what seed will produce fruit
  • Sowing isn’t first surrendering is
  • You can’t give a tithe, you have to return it
  • Surrender = Tithe = Protection + God’s Pour Out
  • Sow = Offering = Multiplication
  • Sacrifice = Extravagant Offering = God’s Presence + God’s Partnership
  • The thing about the seed, is it can never produce until it’s broken

Timestamp from YouTube

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:39 – 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 6 through 10
  • 04:58 – Whoever gets this principle gets this promise.
  • 13:29 – Who has more faith?
  • 15:45 – Genesis chapter 8 verses 22
  • 25:49 – Sowing is implied because everybody has seed.
  • 26:29 – All you have is all you need.
  • 34:47 – When you hit a plateau, sow!
  • 50:40 – Consecutive sowing produces consecutive harvest.
  • 59:46 – Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 6
  • 01:05:56 – Proverbs chapter 11 verses 24 and 25 NLT
  • 01:19:36 – Malachi chapter 3 verses 10 through 12
  • 01:20:40 – Surrender = Tithe = Protection + God’s Pour Out
  • 01:21:12 – Sow = Offering = Multiplication
  • 01:22:34 – Sacrifice = Extravagant Offering = Presence + Partnership
  • 01:28:07 – 1 Kings chapter 3 verses 2 through 6
  • 01:35:09 – 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 7

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