Possessing Our Promised Land | Jim Laffoon

October 24, 2022

Bible Passage: Joshua 1:6-9

Possessing Our Promised Land: Learning to Walk in Strength & Courage

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Church – Grace Covenant Church

Shepherd Threads…

These threads are adapted from the 8 am Sermon

  • What’s our promised land?
  • What will it take for you to come into the promised land?
  • It takes great strength and great courage to take full control of what God has planned for you
  • Possessing our promised land: learning to walk in strength and courage
  • God typically calls you to do something you can’t do on your own so that it creates a need for HIM – Joshua 1:6-9
  • When God is about to move it’s a scary time
  • What is our place? – Deut 2:13-15
  • When you are crossing over into your promised land there’s always a flood. There’s always some problem.
  • Things Joshua would say…
    • 1) Will you spectate or will you participate? Exodus 33:8-11 – Will you be a Christian spectator or will you get in the game? The world is the game. Church is practice. It will define your life.
    • 2) Do you find strength in all God’s promises to be with you? – Joshua 1:5-6
    • 3) Will you walk by faith or by sight? 2. Corinthians 5:7 – life is all about his strength – faith sees through the eyes of God. Unbelief sees through your own eyes.
    • 4) are your giants your dread or your bread? psalms 13:32 numbers 14:8-9 – Trials create a need for God and his strength. Trials are the breakfast of champions –  Joshua 1:3-4
    • 5) will your life be defined, determined and defended by God’s word? –  Joshua 1:3-4 – God’s Word is defended by your mouth. Stop praying for your weakness confess your strengths.
    • 6) will you fight for the faith 1 Timothy 6:12 / Joshua 14:10-12
    • 7)Will you face your flooded Jordan and walled Jericho alone?
    • 8) will you go back to Egypt- exodus 16:3 – at the Greatest momentum to step forward something will tug you to come back. The greatest tug is back to the easy.

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